Phone System Features

The virtual PBX phone system delivers incredibly advanced, cost-effective, speedy and uninterrupted phone service over the internet using VoIP technology, thereby replacing traditional phone systems. It is your virtual PBX in the cloud and does not require any expensive PBX hardware system and equipment to install and set-up.

Cloud PBX Phone System Features

Cloud PBX phone system is deployed with numerous high-performance features. These include:

  1. Local Number Selection for Local Presence And Toll-Free Numbers

The local number feature enables users to select a local number by area code across countries and give the business a local presence. On the other hand, the toll-free feature allows users to create a toll-free number for their business encouraging people to call businesses without any hesitation of incurring big call charges just because they called outside of their calling area.

  1. Auto-Attendant

This feature eliminates the need to hire a full-time receptionist. The auto-attendant acts like a real person, without the extra expense. Callers will hear a custom business greeting and can also choose how they would like their call to be answered. Options normally include:

  • Dial an extension number of a specific employee
  • Call routing – for example they can press 1 for customer support and 2 for sales

This can be turned on during or after business hours. It ensures that callers never get an endlessly ringing phone no matter what time they call.

  1. Forwarding and Scheduling

Call forwarding and scheduling enables you to route incoming calls to different numbers, extensions and devices, anywhere. This is a feature that ensures that your business never sleeps. Callers can reach out to you at anytime and anywhere surpassing all- time, geographical and communication constraints. If callers in US call after business hours here, calls can be routed to your office in another time zone and catered to.

  1. Call-Conferencing

With Cloud PBX office phone system businesses can also conduct call conferencing over the internet with up to 500 participants.

  1. Unlimited PBX Scalability

It offers unlimited scalability enabling user to add more trunks without the need of buying expensive equipment and phone lines.

  1. Voice and Fax mail

It offers multiple options to receive your voice and fax messages. This means you can get back to the caller if case you miss the call. Fax mail feature enables you to send and receive fax via virtual PBX phone system. It is simple to use and extremely convenient. All you need to do is upload documents from your computer and send them to any fax number. And for receiving fax, each incoming fax is converted into a PDF file and then sent to your desired inbox for easy access. Furthermore, you can also have a fax forwarded to your email account for you to view it and save it on your PC.

  1. Caller Screening

When your call screening is turned on, callers are asked to state their names first and then the call is transferred to the extension owner. This way the extension owner can know who the caller is before answering the call.