VoIP Phone System Features

Many businesses across industries today are switching to VoIP phone systems instead of using legacy telephony systems. A VoIP phone system offers a plethora of valuable features that have proven to help businesses improve business efficiency, productivity and deliver excellent customer services.

Here is a list of features that you can benefit from when you switch over to a VoIP phone system:

  • Auto-Attendant

This feature functions like a full-time receptionist. It allows callers to interact with the auto-attendant who guides them through the menu options like dialing the desired extension number of a specific employee or pressing 1 for customer support and 2 for sales.

  • Custom Greeting

Custom greeting enables businesses to record a personalized business phone greeting to announce every time to callers on local or toll free numbers. It ensures that the callers are not greeted with a fuzzy answering machine or a standard voicemail message.

  • Music on Hold

This feature of a VoIP phone system allows you to select music of your choice to play when callers are being transferred or they are waiting on hold. This feature ensures the callers stay on the line and don’t hang up. Normally most callers on hold hang up within a minute if there is complete silence or just a beeping tone.

  • Dial by Name Directory

Dial by name directory enables callers to find the right employee quickly and easily. It can be configured in one of 2 ways, dialing by first name- the first three letters of the party’s first name or dialing by last name.

  • Time of Day Routing (Day and Night Mode)

Time of day routing routes calls to different locations based on the time of day when a call is made. It can help you cater to maximum number of clients in different time zones.

  • Local Phone Numbers

Local phone number feature is great for businesses to create virtual local presence in different countries and cater to that market. It helps users to select a local number by area code across countries and give the business a local presence even if it does not exists there physically.

  • Toll free numbers

The toll free feature allows businesses to create a toll-free number encouraging potential customers to call. It functions like a free phone for callers as the toll free subscriber is billed for the incoming calls.

  • Call Transfer

Like the name suggests, it allows you to transfer incoming calls from one phone to the phone or extension at the press of a button.

  • Voicemail only extensions

This is a free extension that is used as a general office or a specific department voicemail box.

  • Follow Me/ Find Me

These are referred to as 2 technologies that in conjunction enable incoming phone calls to be received at different locations and on different phones. Find me technology gives you the ability to receive incoming calls at any location while Follow me refers to the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones.

  • Call Forwarding

Call forwarding feature forwards incoming calls on one number to another specified number before it is pushed to voicemail.

  • Call Queues

It allows call centers to manage incoming call volumes in an orderly fashion. The feature queues calls and serves them to agents as they become available.

  • Ring Groups

This is another value adding feature of a VoIP phone system. It allows you to re-direct incoming calls to different numbers included in your Ring Group.

  • Do Not Disturb

It does exactly what the name implies. You can turn this feature on to temporarily stop incoming calls on your phone. This is useful during conferences, meetings and lunch time.

  • Web based Configuration

This feature enables digital communication sessions to be held over the web between web users. It allows customers to have a web based call over without leaving the website or using any other additional telephony equipment.

  • Call Screening

Call screening helps user to filer calls. It allows you to look at the number on the caller ID and decide whether you want to receive it or not.

  • Call Waiting

Call waiting allows you to receive and answer an incoming call when you are already engaged in an active call. After a notification, you can put the first call on hold and receive the second call.


  • Voicemail to Email

This innovative feature transcribes your voicemail messages to text and sends them to a preferred email.

  • Callback

It allows telephone users to request a call back from a line that is busy. When the called number becomes available, the user receives a call back notification.


  • Incoming Fax to Email

This feature is also known as forward-fax. It enables your local and toll free forwarding numbers to receive and forward faxes directly to your email in-box. It turns fax into email which you can view on the go on your smart phone. It forwards faxes in PDF format to your email address.

  • Presence

Presence technology allows you to share your availability information with others in your phone list and vice versa. It shows where you are and how you can be contacted.