What is a Cloud Phone System and what are its Benefits?

To compete successfully in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing corporate world, businesses must strive to deliver not just good but award-winning customer support. This calls for round the clock on call availability so that customers can reach out to businesses at any time, from anywhere at their own convenience.

When it comes to offering excellent customer support service, you can’t rely on your 20th century telephony infrastructure services. Well, virtually because they can’t keep up with the way businesses work today. You need innovative business phone systems that can help you compete successfully with modern day challenges and communication demands. And cloud phone system is definitely a next generation business phone system that can help you take your business to greater heights while keeping the cost of doing business low.

Cloud Phone System-What is it and how does it Work as a Smart Office?

Cloud phone system is also known as the hosted PBX phone system. It is a fully managed enterprise grade PBX phone system that utilizes cloud-based technology to connect your business. It combines voice and data traffic on a single IP network, integrating voice and internet access over a single internet connection using existing hosted PBX system. Simply put, it is a communication platform where the application sits out in the cloud or the internet. It turns a standard internet connection into a way to place free phone calls. The calls are routed over the internet or your local network.

It facilitates communication through PBX over broadband internet without the need of traditional phone lines or equipment.

This next generation PBX phone system enables you to add users and locations to the system at any time.

With cloud phone system all you need is a single telephone number to represent the entire organization, even if the organization is distributed geographically. Cloud based technology phone systems enables employees to cater to customers, vendors, clients and partners during and after business hours from anywhere in the world. In other words, it helps the organization surpass geographical, time and communication boundaries and offer increased business availability.

Some of the great features of this service include:

ü  Message Management- Allows employees to manage messages and voicemails and get back to customers without any delay.

ü  Call Forwarding- Forwards incoming calls to different numbers ensuring each and every call is answered.

ü  Mobility- It allows you to get calls on your office number and mobile phones.

Key Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Here are some amazing benefits of hosted PBX cloud based phone system:

1.     No Hardware to Install on Customer’s End

With Cloud phone systems, you don’t need to invest in expensive TDM equipments or bulky PBX hardware to install the system. Since it is cloud based, there is no need to any additional hardware and physical phone lines. It helps you save big as you don’t need to buy or lease PBX equipment.

2.     Unified Communication

This phone system enables you to get calls on your voicemail and mobile phone. It unifies communication allowing you to attend and answer calls even when you are not in your office and on the go.

3.     No Maintenance Cost

All you need to set-up this system is an IP address and a voice gateway connected to your modem or router. This means you practically don’t incur any phone line and equipment maintenance cost.

4.     Instant Activation

It can be used instantly. Since there is no hardware PBX telephone switch to install, you can start using cloud PBX hosted telephone systems in 5 minutes.

5.     Surpasses Geographical Boundaries

As this is cloud based technology it enables users to connect and communicate from anywhere at any time surpassing all geographical boundaries.