What is Unified Communications and it’s Advantages

What is Unified Communication?

Unified communication is a new and cutting-edge technological architecture that leverages VoIP phone system capabilities to smoothly integrate different real-time communication services such as instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, call control, presence and speech recognition with non real time communication services such as voice mail, email, fax and SMS.

It brings together and unifies different communication services into a seamless business environment offering a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across devices and media-types. UC enables businesses to manage all their communications in one entity instead of separately.

Advantages of Unified Communication

Here’s how businesses can benefit from unified communication:

UC offers Businesses Unification and Improved Employee Productivity

Unified communication extends the power of your business phone system far beyond the dial tone. It offers a single system to manage multiple tools and platforms. It unifies voice, data and business applications thereby making it possible to all employees to access and utilize communication tools, work on variety of devices regardless of location.

Cost Savings

Cost saving is a definitely a big UC advantage. Cost savings are achieved through the consolidation of equipment and services. Instead of managing separate networks for data and video as well as voice, UC architecture allows for the central management of networks. It offers businesses a way to use telecoms other than as cost centers. In other words, you can communicate seamlessly in offices located across the globe, share information while keeping your business cost fairly low.

Advanced Telephony

UC helps employees carry out their work more efficiently and in a timely manner, from anywhere. It offers advanced telephony functions like short number dialing, call forwarding, simultaneous and sequential rings on different pre-programmed phone numbers enabling businesses to answer calls efficiently and cater to maximum number of callers.

UC offers Presence Technology

UC brings presence technology allowing business associates to quickly see the availability of others and contact them easily. It works like the status indicator used in social networking applications. This feature can indicate whether the recipient is available on their mobile, desk phone, or home phone. Simply put, your view the presence of your colleagues and clients listed on your instant messenger and reach out to them easily. But of course this is only possible if they want this information to be shared.

Single Number Reach

With unified communication service you have one access point (one number) through which people can contact you. This means you’ll have one number for all your communication devices. For example if you have three ways of being contacted like smart phone, home phone and desk phone, people don’t have to know all three different numbers. They can reach out to you by calling on a designated phone number for all the three devices. So, whether you are in your office or not, you’ll still be able to attend calls but on your mobile.

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